“The Countess is “Roxanne Conti",” an actress stalled in her career. Rich-toned Lauren Yokabaskas managed her music with dignity.”

- David Shengold

“The singing in this opera was uniformly excellent, despite the difficulty of many of the vocal parts… many other roles were handled with impressive vocal and acting skill by upcoming singers from the company’s deep Young Artists roster. They included… Rosina (soprano Lauren Yokabaskas)… all head into the “I heard them when” category.

And some glorious moments, too… a duet between Rosina and Susanna (recalling their magical one in Figaro), and a flashback of mirrored duets between imminent lovers Rosina and Cherubino, while Marie and Beaumarchais become close as well.”

- Tom DiNardo, Guest Critic for The Chautauquan Daily

“The put-upon Countess is “Roxanne Conti,” an actress stalled in her career. Despite grotesque plastic surgery jokes (“Christ, I look like the Bride of the Mummy”) that contradict the spirit of Mozart’s music, the rich-toned Lauren Yokabaskas managed the famously testing entrance aria with dignity. Roxanne’s worries about being washed up at 40 seemed puzzling when the very handsome soprano looks to be at most 27…”

- David Shengold, Guest Critic for The Chautauquan Daily

"The Countess was portrayed by soprano Lauren Yokabaskas who employed her fine instrument in lovely legato lines to convey the sadness of a neglected wife who has lost her husband's attention. She sang her two arias with despair and dignity. Anyone who wasn't moved by her "Porgi amor" and "Dove sono" must be horribly hard hearted."

- Meche Kroop 

"The soprano Lauren Yokabaskas, who sang Vanessa on Friday, brought a melting voice and youthful radiance to the part."

- Anthony Tommasini

"Lauren Yokabaskas acted the title heroine with passion and admirable subtlety... she sang with tonal sheen, impressive accuracy and remarkable dynamic control."

- David Shengold

"Lauren Yokabaskas’ aptly imperious Vanessa introduced herself in a strong and impassioned “Do not utter a word, Anatol,” laced with not a little bitterness, and cut such a self-centered figure that one could easily believe that she would make niece Erika’s suicide attempt entirely about herself."

- Bruce-Michael Gilbert

"Ms. Yokabaskas excelled as Vitige to Allison Gish's Teodata in Handel's Flavio, Re de Longobardi... she also made a marvelously dignified Donna Anna in a scene from Mozart's Don Giovanni."

- Meche Kroop

"Soprano Lauren Yokabaskas sang the role of Rosario and sang it well; she convinced us that she loved Fernando, even if she didn't convince him! She was lovely in the wistful aria about the nightingale in the third scene and the subsequent duet when Fernando arrives, just before the fatal duel."

- Meche Kroop

"The female leads were expertly performed by Lauren Yokabaskas (as the glamorous Mrs. Neruda) and Vanessa Isiguen (Beatrice); both seemed to relish designer Helen E. Rodgers's smart 1950s costumes."

- David J. Baker